Board of Directors

Brian Considine

Vice President,
Roberta Schiller

Kristin Killey

Bill Pyne

Ken Alpern
Don Elliott
Greg Seversen
Valerie Fontaine
Scott McCausland
Christine Stemar
Carolyn Saltsman

Past Presidents

Bob Bowen *
George Blair *
Everett Wallace *
Bob Wolfe *
Ron Meza
Tony Soumakian
Ray Harder
Pete Bernier
Kathryn White
Greg Langer
Marie Wallace*
Gil Ostrick
Daniel Atkinson
Bert Wahlen
Siri Jostad
Austin MacInnis *
Charles West
Bobby Holliday
Tracy Marsh
Stephanie Johnson
Richard Saltsman

* deceased


We're always looking for volunteers. Everything we do, from the newsletters to the Fall Festival, requires the help of a lot of people.
In addition, currently we have an open board member position. If you are interested in helping out in any way, please email us at

Thank you!