Board of Directors

​Valerie Fontaine

Vice President,
Roberta Schiller

Stacy Shure​

Scott McCausland​

​Philip Accas
Ken Alpern
Don Elliott
​​Bill Pyne
​Carolyn Saltsman
Greg Seversen
Christine Stemar

Past Presidents

Bob Bowen *
George Blair *
Everett Wallace *
Bob Wolfe *
Ron Meza
Tony Soumakian
Ray Harder
Pete Bernier
Kathryn White
Greg Langer
Marie Wallace*
Gil Ostrick
Daniel Atkinson
Bert Wahlen
Siri Jostad
Austin MacInnis *
Charles West
Bobby Holliday
Tracy Marsh
Stephanie Johnson
Richard Saltsman
​Brian Considine

* deceased


We're always looking for volunteers. Everything we do, from the newsletters to the Fall Festival, requires the help of a lot of people.
In addition, currently we have an open board member position. If you are interested in helping out in any way, please email us at

Thank you!